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one up mushroom chocolate bar where to buy

Great Minds proudly presents our hand-crafted chocolate bars made with 5 grams of organically sourced psilocybin.

● Every 5g chocolate bar is cut into 10 equal pieces with each piece containing approximately 0.5g of psilocybin, the perfect amount to provide a special introductory experience.

● Our portions make it easy to establish a microdose regiment, share a great trip with a friend and for the experienced veteran, 5 grams is enough to embark on a mystical journey to some of the deepest part of our psyche and soul.

● Widely known as one of the oldest and safest natural medicines in the world, Psilocybin has been known to help reduce depression, stimulate forms of neurogenesis, increase focus, enhance mood, improve cognition and produce euphoric effects.

● Whether its creative, outdoor, meditative and even study and research settings, Great Minds Mushroom Chocolate Bars are an enlightening experience to be had.

-Flavors Available:

-Milk Chocolate
-White Chocolate
-Dark Chocolate

-Ingredients: organic chocolate, psilocybin mushroom, organic coconut oil.
-Net weight of each bar: 70g

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one up mushroom chocolate bar where to buy

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one up mushroom chocolate bar where to buyGreat Minds Mushroom Chocolate Bars
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